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I often wonder about my future as I am about to finish secondary school. The number one question on my mind is which profession should I choose? It is very hard to make any definite choices, because I know they will affect me for the rest of my life. I want a profession that will satisfy me, challenge me, and bring me joy. I believe that a job should be like a hobby. I want to love my work, and know that I am making a difference in this world by helping other people.

First of all, I want to finish secondary school. Soon I will take the first important exam of my life - the final graduation exam. I will be tested in four different subjects: the Czech and German languages, biology, and chemistry. After my graduation, I would like to study at the Medical University to become a doctor.

Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of curing people and healing diseases.

It takes a long time to study medicine. It is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work. I hope that I will be able to meet these challenges, and that my dream will come true. Later, I would like to work in a hospital or in private practice.

During my secondary studies, I worked on biology and chemistry projects. The experience from working on these projects has given me insight into science that far exceeds what I could have learned at school. In addition, I also developed my patience and diligence, and gained valuable experience when I gave public speeches about our research. This opportunity will be a great advantage for my future studies.

During the last few summer vacations, I worked as an assistant nurse at a hospital. I believe that real life experience with patients, medicine, doctors, and nurses is the best start for a future medical student.

I cannot really imagine having a family yet, but I am 18 years old, so I have to start thinking about it

As for now, I am only focusing my attention on finishing my studies. Also, before I have a family, I would like to travel overseas. I want to see countries like Japan, Finland and travel through the African continent. After I finish my education and travels, I plan to get married and have a family. I would like to live with my future family in a quiet, natural countryside setting.

I am personally interested in becoming a doctor, however, there are many different career opportunities. You can work in manufacturing, service, agriculture or business. Everyone has to decide which path is best for him or herself, once they finish elementary school. One option is to continue secondary school. The second option is to choose another branch of the educational system. It is very important to consider your interests when you choose your future profession. Everyone would like to be good at what they choose.

Sometimes, people continue to study even after they receive their degree. It is always important to learn, and in some professions, you have to constantly study in order to be at the forefront of your field. For example, doctors, scientists, and computer programmers must be aware of the latest research in the field and apply this knowledge to their work.



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Often it is especially hard for young people who just finish their studies to find a job. Or it might happen that you have a profession that you love, and you suddenly lose your job. Many people who find themselves unemployed try to improve their chances of entering the job market by attending various vocational training courses.

The rate of unemployment is steadily increasing. In some cases, you might find that neither the employment agencies nor the unemployment benefits are not able to help you. In this situation you must help yourself.

Here is a list of traditional professions: baker, cook, shoemaker, miller, butcher, blacksmith, bricklayer, weaver, tailor, winemaker, doctor, nurse, waitress, salesperson, painter, and architect.

With the development of industry and technology many new professions have surfaced, such as: mechanic, driver, electrician, tinsmith, design engineer, welder, plumber, locksmith, photographer, programmer, tractor driver, and more are being added every year.

Some of the more popular careers are economist, lawyer, manager, airhostess, singer, actor, customs officer, financial consultant, construction worker, detective, private businessman, journalist, and typist.



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Olomouc, April 15th, 1998


My name is Eva Veselá. I was born on the 12th of May 1979 in Olomouc. I live in Bílá Lhota, Hollého Street no. 20, and I am single.

From 1985 to 1993 I attended the elementary school in Bílá Lhota, and after the 8th grade, I began studying at the secondary school in Olomouc. I graduated in 1997 and since then I have been studying at the Faculty of Commerce at The Prague School of Economics.

I am interested in literature, classical music, and foreign languages. While studying at secondary school, I worked for a literary school and I won a national language competition in 1997. The prize I received was a three weeks' stay in Germany. From 1994 to 1997 I studied German and English at a language school in Olomouc. I graduated in both languages in accordance with the national standards. As a result of my qualifications, I work as an interpreter for a local travel agency during the weekends and vacations.

When I graduate from the university, I would like to pursue a career in the field of foreign trade.


Eva Veselá



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I’m a postman.

Jsem listonoš.

I work as a postman.

Pracuji jako listonoš.

I became a postman.

Stal jsem se listonošem.

I took a job as a postman.

Přijal jsem místo listonoše.

I’m looking for a job.

Hledám práci.

I’m starting a new job.

Nastupuji na nové pracovní místo.

I’m leaving my job.

Odcházím ze zaměstnání.

I’m unemployed.

Jsem nezaměstnaný.

I’ve got an office job.

Mám místo v kanceláři.

I’ve got a manual job.

Pracuji manuálně.

I’ve got a full-time job.

Mám zaměstnání na plný úvazek.

I’ve got a part-time job.

Mám zaměstnání na částečný úvazek.

I work full-time.

Pracuji na plný úvazek.

I work part-time.

Pracuji na částečný úvazek.

I do day / night shifts.

Mám denní / noční směny.

I work days / nights.

Pracuji ve dne / v noci.

This is the job for me!

To je ta pravá práce pro mě!



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