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My alarm clock goes off at half past six, and with my eyes still closed, I wake up to greet the new day. I hate getting up in the mornings, but there is nothing I can do about it. After a short while of stretching in the warm comfort of my bed I just have to get up. Yawning, I go to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water, or to take a shower. I brush my teeth and comb my long hair. I spend about 10 minutes in front of the mirror putting on my make up. I can't spend much time in the bathroom because before I am done my sister is usually at the door waiting for me to come out.

I get dressed in my room, where I often stand for a while in front of the wardrobe, wondering what to wear. I like to wear jeans or a skirt along with a jumper. I find these simple outfits to be the most practical for school.

I open the window to get some fresh air in the room, lastly I make my bed. We all make our own beds in our family. When I am done with that, my mother and my older sister usually have breakfast ready and set the table. It is my duty to clean it all afterwards. I eat breakfast every morning, and my favourite is fresh bread rolls with butter, which I have with a cup of tea and a glass of milk. My mother always says that a good breakfast is a good start to the day. We all eat together, as we talk about our plans for the day. While doing this, we listen to the morning news and the music on the radio.

At half past seven we grab our schoolbags and run to the bus stop. The bus stop is right in front of our house, which probably is the reason why we always catch it at the last minute. Sometimes it is full and we have to wait for the next bus.

At 8 a.m., I arrive at the cloakroom, where most of my classmates are already busy hanging up their coats and jackets and donning their slippers. We are in a hurry to get to the first class on time.

The classes take place in different classrooms, depending on the subject taught, which means that we have to change classrooms during every break. This is always a problem for new students at the beginning of the school year, until they get used to the schedule and the location of the classrooms.

The first lesson starts at ten past eight. The bell rings and you can see the last few students running to their classrooms. We usually have between 6-7 classes a day.

After the second lesson, we have our favourite 20-minute break. During that time, we talk to our friends in the hallways or we go out to get some fresh air. Most of us have a snack, and prepare for the next lesson.

Lunch is at half past twelve, and everyone hurries to the school canteen. We queue up in order to get our meal, and when we are done with both the soup and the main course, we go home. Once a week, we have an afternoon lesson so we stay at school until 3 p.m.

While walking home, I usually meet some of my classmates and we go together to buy some sweets and soda, before they walk me to the bus stop. When I get home, my parents are not back yet, and my sister is at the sports club, where she practices light athletics. She is a good runner, but that also means that she has to train every day and comes home very tired. I admire the fact that she works so hard at school and still train so vigorously.

When I arrive home, I go to my room to sit and listen to music on my headphones, or I read a book or some magazine.

Every Monday and Thursday I have to do the shopping. I take the shopping bag, and the shopping list, which my mother has prepared, and I walk to the local supermarket. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays my sister does the shopping, and on Fridays my father does it on his way home from work, because on Fridays he gets off early at 1:30 p.m.

I have a private English lesson every Friday afternoon because I want to improve my English. The rest of the day goes something like this:

At 6:30 we all meet in our living room, where we sit down to have dinner and talk about what we experienced throughout the day. Everybody helps prepare dinner, which usually is some kind of cooked meat.

After dinner I prepare for school, I do my homework, watch TV or go for a short walk. At no later than 10:00 p.m., I go to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth before going to bed. Before I go to sleep, I either read or review some of the material for school.

Naturally, the weekends are different. Everyone in my family enjoys the days off, without any stress and hurry. I get up later and on these two days, I do whatever I want and whenever I want.



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A lot of my time is spent at the secondary school where I study. As a result I don't have much time to spare during the week, especially when you consider the time spent on homework and to prepare for my classes. I can only really enjoy my spare time during the weekends.

Every day when I come home from school, I relax for a while before doing my homework and preparing for the following day's classes. Twice a week, I attend a private art school where I learn to draw and paint, and once a week I take piano and guitar lessons. I enjoy playing sports, and I usually manage to fit in an afternoon a week (usually on Wednesdays) of ballgames. I meet my friends at the school's courts and we either play volleyball or basketball.

On Saturday afternoons I have a private German lesson, as I find that I have to improve my grades in that language. I have been studying German for five years and I'm still not very good at it. I don't quite understand this because German is my favourite subject at school and I am very interested in foreign languages.

I also enjoy reading. Even when I am tired in the evening, I just have to read for a while before I fall asleep. I find it easy to relax with a book that is good and interesting. My preferred topics are science fiction, adventure-romance and thrillers. My favourite book is "Dialogue with death", and my favourite author is Bill Mollison. Sometimes I also read teenage magazines in foreign languages. I like to practise my language skills that way.

I collect posters of bands, singers and actors and trade (exchange) them with my friends. In the evening I usually listen to music, presently my favourite bands are Savage Garden, Aqua, Spice Girls and Erasure. When I want to escape from this world I listen to classical music. My favourite compositions are by Beethoven, Mozart and Ravel. I have quite an interesting collection of CDs and LPs of these composers and other musicians.

In our family, we often spend our leisure time together. I have a brother who is very keen on computers. He is interested in computer programming or playing games on them. When he was younger he used to play with different types of construction sets: Lego, model aeroplanes, boats and small cars. My brother and I used to dream about having a pet, and the dream became reality when my dad bought his first aquarium. Since then we have been taking care of the fish.

My father is the kind of person who never gets bored. He is always fiddling around with aquariums, does repair jobs around the house, he spends a lot of time in his workshop, where he's got a lathe and all his tools. It's never been a problem for him to repair a broken hairdryer or to make wooden shelves. He also likes a good game of chess.

My mother likes to work in the garden; her flower garden is the most beautiful one in our street. It always makes her happy to be harvesting the fruit and vegetables, which she often uses for her second passion: cooking. She likes to try out new recipes, and she enjoys baking too. During the evenings she knits or does embroidery while she watches TV.

Once a month we go together to the theatre or the cinema. During the summer we go to the forest where we swim in a lake which has a great cliff for jumping into the water. We also sunbathe there and go hiking or cycling on the mountain bike trails.

My grandparents live in the countryside, where they have rabbits, geese, chickens, ducks, a cat and a dog. When I visit them I feed the animals and I go for a walk with the dog in the nearby forest.

In the wintertime we go to the mountains, where we have fun skiing and snowboarding. The most popular winter activities for us are probably ice skating on the frozen pond, or sledding, if there is enough snow.



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1)      TO BE FOND OF ... mít něco/někoho rád, rád něco dělat.

-                      I am fond of milk.

-                      He is fond of his family.

-                      We are fond of skiing.

-                      Are you fond of Ricky Martin?

-                      He isn’t fond of reading.

-                      They aren’t fond of vegetables.


2)      TO BE INTERESTED IN ... - zajímat se o něco, někoho, mít nějaký koníček.

-                      I am interested in football.

-                      She is interested in skating.

-                      You are interested in History.

-                      Is he interested in stamp collecting?

-                      We aren’t interested in tennis.

-                      I am not interested in washing up.


3)      TO BE KEEN ON ... - velmi (vášnivě) mít něco, někoho rád, rád něco dělat.

-                      I am keen on sleeping.

-                      He is keen on his work.

-                      She is keen on writing letters.

-                      They are keen on Daniel Hůlka.

-                      Are they keen on swimming?

-                      He isn’t keen on learning.

-                      We aren’t keen on getting up early.


4)      TO LIKE ... - mít rád něco, někoho, nějakou činnost, rád něco dělat, vyjádření skutečnosti, že se někomu něco líbí..

-                      I like you. (Mám tě rád.)

-                      I like this car. (To auto se mi líbí.)

-                      He likes driving a car. He likes to drive a car.

-                      She likes him.

-                      They like travelling. They like to travel.

-                      She likes cooking. She likes to cook.

-                      She doesn’t like ironing. She doesn’t like to iron.

-                      We don’t like milk.

-                      Do you like drawing? Do you like to draw?

-                      Does he like this film?


5)      TO DISLIKE ... - nemít něco, někoho rád, něrad něco dělat (je to záporné sloveso, nepotřebuje don’t, doesn’t).

-                      I dislike it. (Nelíbí se mi to.)

-                      She dislikes this sweater. (Jí se ten svetr nelíbí.)

-                      He dislikes riding a horse. (Nerad jezdím na koni.)

-                      We dislike cleaning. (Neradi uklízíme.)

-                      They dislike lazy people.


6)      TO LOVE ... - milovat někoho, něco, nějakou činnost.

-                      I love doing nothing. I love to do nothing.

-                      She loves dancing. She loves to dance.

-                      We love ice-cream.

-                      He loves Mary.

-                      They love the sea.

-                      Do you love me?

-                      You don’t love learning. You don’t love to learn.


7)      TO HATE ... - nenávidět někoho, něco, nějakou činnost.

-                      I hate singing. I hate to sing.

-                      You hate cooking. You hate to cook.

-                      She hates school.

-                      We hate dirty shoes.

-                      Do you hate parties?


8)      TO BE GOOD (VERY GOOD, BRILLIANT, HOPELESS) AT ... - být v něčem dobrý, ovládat něco dobře.

-                      I am good at English.

-                      I am not good at swimming.

-                      You are good at volleyball.

-                      She is good at knitting.

-                      Is he good at Geography?

-                      We are good at playing the guitar.

-                      Are you good at running?

-                      They aren’t very good at Maths.

-                      Peter isn’t so good at singing as he says.



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What are your hobbies?

Jaké máš koníčky?

My hobbies are reading and swimming.

Mými zálibami jsou čtení a plavání.

I like sports.

Mám rád sport.

I do a lot of sports.

Hodně sportuji.

I’m keen on football.

Baví mě fotbal.

I play tennis.

Hraji tenis.

I go ice-skating / skateboarding.

Bruslím / Jezdím na skateboardu.

I go to judo.

Chodím na judo.

I play chess / computer games.

Hraji šachy / počítačové hry.

I do crosswords.

Luštím křížovky.

I paint / knit / sew.

Maluji / Pletu / Šiji.

I’m good at drawing.

Jde mi kreslení.

I build model planes.

Stavím modely letadel.

I go to pottery / art classes.

Chodím do keramického / výtv. kroužku.

I go to piano lessons.

Chodím na klavír.

I play the guitar.

Hraji na kytaru.

I enjoy singing.

Rád zpívám.

I’m a Beatles fan.

Jsem fanoušek Beatles.

I’m a music lover / an animal lover.

Jsem milovník hudby / zvířat.

I like looking after my pets.

Rád se starám o svá zvířátka.

I enjoy DIY / gardening.

Rád kutím / zahradničím.

I watch TV.

Dívám se na televizi.

I listen to music / CDs / the radio.

Poslouchám hudbu / cédéčka / rádio.

I collect stamps / postcards.

Sbírám známky / pohlednice.



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