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My name is Juraj. I live in a small town with my extended family: my father, mother, brother, sister, and grandparents. My father's name is Juraj and he is 46 years old. He is a private businessman. He has got a lot of hobbies including skiing, tennis, fishing and watching football on TV.

My mother's name is Isabela (beautiful name, isn't it?). She is 45 years old and she teaches English and Czech at the secondary school. Her favourite hobby is growing plants. Our house and garden are full of her plants. She also likes to read detective novels. My parents share a lot of hobbies. They both like hiking. Every year, we go for a holiday in the mountains. My parents also like to go to the cinema, go dancing, and spend time visiting their friends.

My father is calm. It is very rare that he gets angry and he likes to make a lot of jokes. My mother is always full of life. She is optimistic, but sometimes she talks too much or she gets moody.

My sister's name is Dagmar and she is older than I am. She is 25 years old and she got married five years ago. Her husband, my brother-in-law Martin, is 26 years old. He is an engineer in an industrial company. My sister is at home with her three-year-old son, Denis, and one-year-old daughter, Veronika.

I became uncle 3 years ago. I enjoy being an uncle because my niece, Veronika, and nephew, Denis, are always doing creative and interesting activities. They all live in a house nearby and we visit each other often.

I also have got a younger brother by the name of Roman. He currently studies at the entry level of the same grammar school as I do and he is 15 years old. He has already decided that he wants to become a doctor. We live together in one room, although I would prefer to have a room of my own. He likes to play tennis, go skateboarding and he reads until late at night, which is annoying, but I can't have my own room because my grandparents live with us.

My grandmother, Maria, is 65 years old. I love her because she's always nice. She is a great cook and she also likes to bake and knit nice sweaters for us. Her hobbies are working in the garden, where she grows vegetables and flowers, reading historical novels, going for long walks, and visiting her friends.

My grandfather, Peter, is 67 years old and I like him too because he is very funny. He keeps busy every day by going fishing, reading the newspapers, and spending a lot of time watching TV. I often watch ice hockey, football, and tennis with him.

Sometimes, I help my grandmother in the garden, but often she thinks that I'm too busy to help. My grandpa likes to smoke a pipe of tobacco, but he does it secretly! They are actually my great grandparents, great grandfather and great grandmother.

About me: I am 18 years old and this year I am going to graduate from secondary school. I would like to study economy and foreign trade at the university, but first, I must pass the entrance exam. I have a lot of hobbies; some of them are the same as my brother Roman's. The most important thing to me is my dog Filip. I have had him for 5 years. I don't have much spare time, but I like sports, painting, and reading.

That was a bit about my family.





I wake up at 6:30 a.m., but I don't actually get up until 6:45 a.m. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get dressed. Sometimes, I go for a short walk with my dog before I have breakfast around 7:30 and then I leave for school.

I'm lucky that our school is in my hometown so I don't have to take the bus or train. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to school. At school, I leave my jacket and shoes in the locker and put on my slippers. The classrooms are on the first floor.

I am at school from 8:00 a.m. to 15 p.m. and I have a different schedule every day. After my last class, I have lunch at the school cafeteria and then I go home. When I get home, I drink some milk or mineral water and relax. Then, I do my homework to prepare for the following day. I go to play football at 5:00 p.m. I've been playing football since I was seven years old and I currently play 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The football training lasts for two hours. I get home at 7:00 p.m. and shortly afterwards we eat dinner. We usually have a cold dinner of bread and salami, cheese, eggs, and greens followed by cake and milk. After we finish dinner we talk about our day and about our problems. At 8:00 p.m., I might study some more or I listen to some music or watch TV. I always take a shower before I go to bed around 10:00 or 11:00 p.m.





The weekends are very different from the weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, I sleep until 9:00 a.m. When I get up, I have breakfast and I hurry to help with the cleaning. We do a big house cleaning on Saturdays and everyone is involved. It's kind of a family tradition. I help do the washing up and the dusting. Then I sweep the floors, and cut the grass around the house. My brother does the shopping, hoovering, and the gardening. My mother does the cooking on the weekends as well as the laundry, the ironing and she usually finds time to help grandma with the baking too. My father takes care of the car and the house. This is our usual Saturday routine, but when it is right before Christmas or Easter it's different. It's like a disaster for me. During that time, my mother organizes everything. We clean the windows, wash the curtains, and clean the bookshelves. Everything has to be clean and shining. Sometimes, I wish I had another sister or brother so there would be one more person to help us. During the spring there is a lot of work in the garden. We till the soil, plant vegetables, and water it regularly.

This does not mean that my entire weekend is consumed with chores. l also go skateboarding and play tennis or table tennis with my friends. In the evenings, I usually go to the cinema or a dance club. I get bored very rarely. I like to go with my friends to the pub for a beer and talk and forget about school and cleaning. I love the holidays because I can do whatever I want. 



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MEMBERS                                     DESCRIPTION

OF THE FAMILY                            OF A PERSON



- matka


mum, mummy

- maminka


- vysoký


- otec

of medium height

- středně vysoký

dad, daddy

- tatínek


- podsaditý


- dcera


- malý, nízký


- syn


- malý


- rodiče




- miminko


child, children

- dítě


- silný, statný

an only child

- jedináček


- tlustý


- dvojčata


- boubelatý


- sestra


- štíhlý


- bratr


- hubený

sisters and brothers

- sourozenci


- vyzáblý

grandmother, granny

- babička

a neat figure

- pěkná postava

grandfather, granddad

- dědeček

to be overweight

- mít nadváhu,


- vnučka


  být obézní


- vnuk




- vnouče



- vnoučata

blue, brown, green, black, grey, dark,


- teta

large, big, light green, …


- strýc




- sestřenice





light, fair, blond

- světlé, blond


- synovec


- tmavé


- neteř


- kaštanové


- tchyně

red, ginger

- rezavé, zrzavé


- tchán


- kudrnaté


- snacha


- vlnité


- zeť


- rovné


- švagr


- plešatý


- svobodný


- bradka, plnovous


- rozvedený


- knír


- ženatý, vdaná


- kotlety


- vdova




- vdovec



- nevěsta

beautiful, pretty

- hezká (o ženě)


- ženich


- hezký (o muži)

just married couple

- novomanželé


- pohledný,


- nevlastní matka


  dobře vypadající


- příbuzní


- nevzhledný

close relatives

- blízcí příbuzní










- příjemný





to be fond of

- mít něco rád


- přátelský


  rád něco dělat


- milý, hezký

to be interested in

- zajímat se o …


- výkonný

to be good at

- být dobrý v …


- panovačný,

to be keen on

- mít velmi rád …


  vůdčí typ

to like

- mít něco rád


- uzavřený,

to love

- milovat



to prefer

- upřednostňovat


- štědrý

to dislike

- nemít něco rád


- přesný

to hate

- nenávidět


- rozumný


- moci, umět


- citlivý




- ohleduplný

I am fond of ice-cream.


- zvědavý

He is fond of reading.


- hovorný

She isn‘t fond of ironing.


- skromný

Are you fond of football ?


- opatrný

He is interested in stamp collecting.


- neopatrný

We are interested in sports.


- líný

Mary isn‘t interested in dancing.


- přísný

I am interested in History.


- nervózní

They are good at tennis.


- pořádkumilovný

I am not good at English.


- nepořádný

Is he good at swimming?


- rozmazlený

They are keen on Michael Jackson.


- nevychovaný

I am not keen on cooking.


- sobecký

Mr. Prokop is keen on driving a car.


- sebevědomý

Is she keen on skiing ?


- chytrý

I like to sleep. I like sleeping.

dull, boring

- nudný

He likes to read. He likes reading.


- hlučný

Do you like skating ?


- vtipný

My sister doesn‘t like dogs.


- veselý

She loves dancing. She loves to dance.


- inteligentní

I don‘t love tomato soup.


- bezohledný

They love to walk in the park.


- ochotný

I prefer tea to coffee.


- zručný

We prefer sleeping to learning.

diligent, hard-working

- pilný

She prefers washing up to cooking.


- drzý

I hate ironing.


- svědomitý

We hate rainy weather.


- hrubý, drzý

They hate singing. They hate to sing.


- zdvořilý

We can play the piano.


- bláznivý

I can sing very nice.


- neukázněný

Can you ride a horse ?



They can‘t draw.



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Jak se jmenujete?

What is your name?

Jmenuji se Pavel Černý.

My name is Pavel Černý.

Jak se jmenuje ona?

What is her name?

Jmenuje se Marta.

Her name is Marta.

Jak se jmenují?

What are their names?



Jaké je vaše křestní jméno?

What is your first name?



Jaké je vaše příjmení?

What is your last name / surname?



Řekněte mi vaše celé jméno.

Tell me your full name.



Kdy jste se narodil?

When were you born?

Narodil jsem se 16. srpna 1963.

I was born on 16th August 1963.

Kde jste se narodil?

Where were you born?

Narodil jste se v Praze?

Were you born in Prague?

Narodil jsem se v Brně.

I was born in Brno.

V roce 1975 jsem se přestěhoval do

I moved to Prague in 1975.



Od roku 1975 bydlím v Praze.

I have been living in Prague since 1975.



Kolik vám je let?

How old are you?

Je mi třicet let.

I am thirty.

Takže je vám třicet?

So, you are thirty then?

Jsme stejně staří.

We are of the same age.

Jste o pět let starší než já.

You are five years older than I.

Vypadáte mladě.

You look young.



Kde jste chodil do školy?

Where did you go to school?

Do školy jsem chodil v Praze.

I went to school in Prague.

Studoval jsem na Karlově univerzitě.

I studied at Charles’s University.

Studia jsem skončil v roce 1985.

I graduated in 1985.



Kdy jste se oženil?

When did you get married?

Oženil jsem se v roce 1987.

I got married in 1987.





Máte rodinu?

Do you have a family?

Kolik máte dětí?

How many children do you have?

Mám dvě děti.

I have got two children.



Jsem ženatý (vdaná).

I am married.



Kolik je vaší dceři?

How old is your daughter?

Je jí dvanáct.

She is twelve.



To je moje žena.

This is my wife.

Je to tvoje sestra?

Is she your sister?

Znám vašeho bratrance.

I know your cousin.

Máš sourozence?

Have you any brothers or sisters?

Ne, jsem jedináček.

No, I am an only child.



Je to moje nevlastní matka.

She is my stepmother.

Je to můj nevlastní syn.

He is my stepson.

Jsou to moji nevlastní rodiče.

They are my stepparents.

Je to moje nevlastní dítě.

He/she is my stepchild.



Jsou to dvojčata.

They are twins.

Jsou to trojčata.

They are triplets.



Je to můj blízký příbuzný.

He is a close relation of mine.

... vzdálený příbuzný.

... a distant relation of mine.

Jsou to moji pokrevní příbuzní.

They are my blood-relations.

... nepokrevní příbuzní.

... my relations by marriage.

... příbuzní.

... my relations/relatives.



Před rokem jsem poznala Petra a

I met Peter a year ago and we were

v březnu jsme se vzali.

married in March.

Loni jsem se oženil.

I got married last year.

Vzal jsem si Janu.

I married Jane.

Kdy se budeš vdávat?

When will you get married?

Chci se vdát (oženit).

I want to get married.

Chci si vzít Petra.

I want to marry Peter.

Jana je vdaná za sympatického

Jane is married to a nice young man.

mladého muže.




Já se rozvedu.

I will get a divorce.

Já se s ní rozvedu.

I will divorce her.

Rozvedla jsem se před dvěma roky.

I got divorced two years ago.



Mám tři děti z předchozího manželství

I have three children from my former

a jednu nevlastní dceru.

marriage and one stepdaughter.



Jsem ženatý od roku 1987.

I have been married since 1987.

Moje manželka se jmenuje Jana.

My wife’s name is Jana.

Naše první dítě se narodilo v roce 1990.

Our first baby was born in 1990.

Máme tři děti.

We have got three children.

Dva kluky a děvče.

Two boys and a girl.



Odkud jste?

Where are you from?

Odkud pocházíte?

Where do you come from?

Můžete mi říct, jaká je vaše národnost?

Can you tell me what your nationality is?

Jste Angličan?

Are you English?

Ne, nejsem Angličan.

No, I am not English.

Mám české občanství, ale jsem

I have Czech citizenship but I am Pole.

polské národnosti.

I have Polish nationality.

Jsem Čech, ale moje matka má polskou

I am Czech but my mother has Polish



Narodil jsem se v České republice.

I was born in the Czech Republic.



Jaká je vaše adresa?

What is your address?



Bydlím u rodičů.

I live at my parents’ (place).



Jaké je vaše zaměstnání?

What is your job?

Jaké je její povolání?

What is her profession?

Jsem učitel.

I am a teacher.



Moji rodiče jsou již v důchodu.

My parents are already retired.

Můj otec je v důchodu.

My father is retired.

Moje matka je v důchodu.

My mother is a pensioner.

Moje matka je v invalidním důchodu.

My mother is a disabled pensioner.

Otec pracoval jako zedník.

My father was a bricklayer.



Moje manželka je na mateřské dovolené.

My wife is on her maternity leave.

Moje manželka je žena v domácnosti.

My wife is a housewife.



Je to sirotek.

He (she) is an orphan.

Je to starý mládenec.

He is a bachelor.

Je to stará panna.

She is a spinster. She is an old maid.



Jak se jmenuje tvoje žena?

What is your wife’s name?

Moje žena se jmenuje Jana.

My wife’s name is Jane.



Mám tři děti, dvě dívky a jednoho chlapce.

I have got three children, two girls and a boy.



Jak se snášíš se svou tchyní?

How do you get on with your mother-in-law?





Čím jste?

What are you? What do you do?

Čím jsi, Petře?

What are you, Peter?


What do you do, Peter?

Jaké je tvoje povolání?

What is your profession?

Jsem řemeslník.

I am a craftsman.

Jsem prodavač.

I am a shop-assistant.

Jsem úředník.

I am an office worker.

Jsem ekonom.

I am an economist.

Pracuji jako listonoš.

I work as a postman.

Stal jsem se listonošem.

I became a postman.

Přijal jsem místo listonoše.

I took a job as a postman.

Kde pracujete?

Where do you work?

Pracuji ve státním podniku.

I work for a state company. (firm)

... u soukromé firmy.

... for a private company.

... v kanceláři.

... in an office.

... v chemickém průmyslu.

... in the chemical industry.

... v zemědělství.

... in agriculture.

... ve velkém obchodním domě.

... in a big department store.

... v dílně.

... in a workshop.

Jsem soukromý podnikatel.

I have my own business.

Jsem soukromý zemědělec.

I am a farmer.

Jsem soukromý autoopravář.

I am a private car mechanic.

Můj bratr je programátor.

My brother is a computer programmer.

Moje matka je uklízečka.

My mother is a cleaner.

Můj otec pracoval dvacet let jako řidič.

My father worked as a driver for


twenty years.

Můj strýc je právník.

My uncle is a lawyer.

... stavební inženýr.

... a construction engineer.

... redaktor.

... an editor.

Snažím se založit vlastní firmu.

I am trying to set up my own business.

Zabývám se počítači a elektronikou.

I deal in computers and electronics.

Už tři roky pracuji v soukromé firmě.

I have been working for a private


company for three years.

Vždy pracuji přesčas.

I always work overtime.

Kolik hodin denně pracuješ?

How many hours a day do you work?

Pracuji osm hodin denně.

I work eight hours a day.

Ráno začínám pracovat v sedm a končím

I start work at seven a.m. and finish

odpoledne v pět.

at five p.m.

Pracuji na směny.

I work on shifts.

Můj základní měsíční plat je 5000 Kč.

My basic pay is 5000 Czech crowns


per month.

Jaký je tvůj průměrný příjem?

What is your average income?

Mám velmi nízký plat.

I have a very low salary.

Mám dobrý plat.

I have a good salary.

Vydělávám 10000 korun měsíčně.

I earn 10000 crowns per month.

Hledám práci.

I’m looking for a job.



Nastupuji na nové pracovní místo.

I’m starting a new job.



Odcházím ze zaměstnání.

I’m leaving my job.

Jsem nezaměstnaný.

I’m unemployed.



Mám místo v kanceláři.

I’ve got an office job.

Pracuji manuálně.

I’ve got a manual job.



Mám zaměstnání na plný úvazek.

I’ve got a full-time job.

Mám zaměstnání na částečný úvazek.

I’ve got a part-time job.

Pracuji na plný úvazek.

I work full-time.

Pracuji na částečný úvazek.

I work part-time.



Mám denní / noční směny.

I do day / night shifts.



Pracuji ve dne / v noci.

I work days / nights.

To je ta pravá práce pro mě!

This is the job for me!





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